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    Auction Floor

    The Big E Auction Group sells estates, real estate, antiques, household items and collectibles, farm equipment, heavy equipment, firearms, turf, agricultural and much more.

    • Auction Location:

     - An auction may be held at the premises of the auction company.

     - An on-site auction may be held on your own property. Generally, these sales consist of farm, business, estate and relocation sales. We can set up to accommodate your needs.

    • Advertising:

    We take care of the advertising for you. We broadly use the internet, among other methods. When booking an auction, kindly advise us if you would like to have your name, estate name, business name, etc. mentioned. Costs associated with all advertising are borne by the seller.

    • Auction Preparation:

    Every item is scrutinized to determine selling price. Our expert auctioneers and consultants can help you appraise and determine the best price for your collection of items.

    We also advice our customers how items should be sold, i.e., box lot or job lot. Some items have little value if sold individually, so better prices result if they are sold in bulk.

    We ask you to please make sure everything is in saleable condition. Furniture pieces should be cleaned and any minor repairs made prior to the auction. Each item is coded with your number to avoid confusion. 

    • Commission:

    After each auction is totalled, a commission is deducted for the auction company and a consignor's cheque is issued within thirty (30) days of the auction. A higher commission rate is charged for items selling in a "box lot" or "job lot" if that lot sells for under a particular dollar amount. Standard rates apply to all else.

    We deal with the collection and payment of all taxes where applicable -- Federal Sales Tax (H.S.T. 13%) on a per sale basis.

    • Clean-up Fee:

    If one or more of your items receives no bids, you may either take the items back or leave them for our disposal. If left to us, a "disposal fee" may be charged based on the weight of the item(s) to be disposed of. Please let us know when you book your sale if you want "no sale" items back.

    Whether you are a buyer or a seller, rest assured that you will be treated with honesty, integrity and dignity throughout your experience with Economy Auction Services and Equipment Sales (Ontario) Limited. Your satisfaction has always been and will always be our goal.