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         We accept consignments for any of our Online Auctions. We also can run a stand alone auction if you have a sufficient number of items. Meeting with the auctioneer beforehand can be arranged if required. Though the auctioneer doesn't have to go over your merchandise with you, often it is wise to meet with him to discuss your goals. Advisement on how to proceed with organizing your merchandise beforehand will be of huge benefit to you and ensures no uncertainties at a later date.

    • Delivery:

    All items you wish to consign to an auction must be delivered in time for each item to be photographed and a write up completed prior to being listed. Please call, stop in or check online for upcoming auction dates.

    • Pick-Up:

    In most cases we are able to pick up your items if you are unable to deliver them.

    We charge at an hourly rate which includes travel time from our site. Any pick-up charges are deducted from the proceeds of the sale of your merchandise.