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    Split Rock Farm

    Our area of expertise also encompasses livestock sales and auctions. The Big E Team can help you appraise and determine the best price for your livestock and farm items.

    Glen Finbow, our professional auctioneer, completed a 4-year alpaca judging apprenticeship in 2014 and is now an A.O.A. Certified Alpaca Judge, a designation that allows him to judge alpaca halter, fleece and performance shows throughout the world. As an auctioneer, Glen is authorized to auction livestock, construction & agricultural equipment, estate, firearms, real estate, art, automotive, to name but a few categories.

    For all things alpaca related, Glen Finbow is the person to ask. He wrote his first book in 2012 called The Alpaca Breeder's Terminology Sourcebook. He volunteers his time as a board member on the C.L.A.A. Board, Alberta, chairs the Canadian Chapter of Quechua Benefit, Canada and recently completed his second term on the Alpaca Ontario Board of Directors. In addition, Glen and his wife Lynda own an alpaca farm called Split Rock Farms, home to over 100 alpacas.

    Associated with:

    Alpaca Owners Association Alpaca Canada Quechua Benefit Alpaca Ontario